Jonathan Gips

CEO, Founder

Jonathan Gips is a computer scientist who specializes in large-scale, sensor-based computing systems. He has worked on health and activity sensors applications for the armed forces, electronic badges for data mining at conferences and events, and mobile applications for rich-information storage and retrieval. Mr. Gips has written several peer-reviewed papers on mobile and wearable computing. Possessing an interest in new applications for computing, he has also worked on augmented-reality applications at the Advanced Displays and Spatial Perception Laboratory at the NASA Ames Research Center in Mountain View, California. Mr. Gips earned a bachelor of science degree in computer science from Stanford University and a master of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory.

Philip Liang

Chairman, Founder

Philip Liang is a technology entrepreneur and inventor. He was a founding member of the Smart Cities group at the MIT Media Laboratory, playing a key role in the City Car design team, which has earned a Time “invention of the year” award. He has helped numerous cities solve their problems, from helping rethink the Paris bus system to building concept water fountains. Mr. Liang is an expert on rapid prototyping and also holds patents in several fields, from Robot Wheels to Social Networking. Mr. Liang has given talks about entrepreneurship at MIT and has been an advisor to startups such as io2technology, the maker of the HelioDisplay. Mr. Liang has a master of science degree from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology Media Laboratory.


York Liao


Dr. York Liao is a Hong Kong-based scientist, engineer and entrepreneur who co-founded Varitronix International, one of the first manufacturers of liquid crystal displays, or LCDs. He taught in the electronics department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for 10 years before founding Varitronix with two of his former faculty members. Dr. Liao earned a bachelor of science in physics from the California Institute of Technology, as well as master’s and doctoral degrees in applied physics from Harvard University.

Hamilton Tang


Hamilton Tang is the CEO of the fund-management and investment-advisory company Simon Murray & Co., as well as a director of the company and its subsidiaries. He previously served as co-CEO of a regional entertainment company that was both the largest movie-theater operator in Hong Kong and the largest overseas cinema operator in mainland China. Mr. Tang also worked as an investment banker with Morgan Stanley in both New York and Hong Kong. He earned his undergraduate degree from Harvard College and has a law degree and MBA from Harvard Law School and Harvard Business School.